All Aidhour associates are independent HCPC-registered, highly-skilled and experienced social work management professionals.


Using a rigorous selection process, we have formed a team of the most talented, committed social workers and managers who will stay the course. We expect them to deliver scrupulous attention to detail, working in a supportive way with our Local Authority clients.

Fuelled by best practice

Our associates are fuelled by a passion to achieve the best for children, bench marking best practice across different authorities.

Investing in skill

As a social enterprise, our surpluses are invested in improving our associates skills: they benefit from in-house learning and training provided by Local Safeguarding Children Boards across the country. Associates enjoy regular opportunities for sharing expertise and building camaraderie in workshops and away-days.

 “Aidhour differs markedly from social work agencies in that there is a network that includes opportunities for consultation, support and training. This is an approach that improves practice and provides a co-ordinated service.  It is very welcome and reduces isolation”.

Why become an Aidhour Associate?

  • High quality professional support and consultation on your work from Aidhour’s management team.
  • Flexible roles with opportunities to work full time or part-time in specialist or generic roles.

“Working for Aidhour has been a very good experience.  I have enjoyed the variety of work – I have made Regulation 44 visits to children’s homes and been involved in local authority case auditing.  I like the flexibility and autonomy of the associate role.  The organisation is well run by very experienced and well informed social workers.  The culture is enabling and supportive and there is a high level of professional respect.  The administration is good too and I always get paid promptly!”

Interested In Becoming An Associate?

We are always looking to hear from accomplished social work professional managers with experience in local authority, the voluntary and charity sectors; who want to develop their practice and work with us as independent consultants. All new associates are interviewed by our directors and their qualifications, HCPC registration, working history and references are thoroughly checked and verified.

Please fill in the form below or contact us to find out more.