Data Security

At Aidhour, we take data security very seriously and have reviewed all of our policies, processes and practices to ensure that we can provide the most secure, reliable, consistent and effective services for our clients. 

Their confidence in us is of paramount importance and our expectations of Aidhour Associates regarding their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations is clearly stated within our constitution as well as in their individual associate contracts and service supply contracts with our clients.

When data is shared with third parties, it is done so under a written agreement to ensure our data security standards are met. We do not and will not pass your contact details on to third parties for marketing purposes.

If you wish to find out more about our Data Protection policy, please click here.

Aidhour and its associates use Egress encryption for email communication where necessary. This encrypts both the email, its contents and any attachments or data included meaning both internal and external recipients are protected. This is the system often used by our local authority customers and allows us to feel confident about the security of email exchanges about client-based information.

Although we aim to be as paperless as possible, we appreciate this isn’t always the most suitable option. Aidhour associates are required to have encrypted computers and secure, lockable filing cabinets to store sensitive or private information.