In my role as Assistant Director in a London Local Authority I have commissioned the services of Aidhour since June 2015 to support the implementation of our Quality Assurance strategy. This has required a particular focus on Aidhour carrying out audits on all open cases and supporting the Local Authority during the Ofsted Safeguarding Inspection.Throughout this period Aidhour have demonstrated strength in their experience, knowledge, professionalism and understanding of what evidences effective social work practice. Their judgements are consistent and accurate. They have been able to come into the Authority and appropriately make sense of the local issues that impact on social work in our area. A particular strength has been their ability to work alongside Social Workers and Managers, appropriately identifying good practice and development areas, and keeping the practitioners on board as part of this process.  This approach has driven and strengthened our service improvement work. The quality of  their work was recognised by Ofsted and highlighted in our extremely positive Inspection report.

Assistant Director, London Local Authority 

September 2016 


I have used Aidhour’s auditing and quality assurance services for the past year in my role as Head of Safeguarding and Quality Assurance in a busy and high performing London borough.  I have found Aidhour to be professional and reliable and highly skilled.  I have commissioned a variety of audit work including:  designing audit tools, completing themed audits, producing analytical reports including complex graphs and tables and assisting with the implementation of a regular monthly audit programme for managers.  I have no hesitation in recommending Aidhour and have found them to provide an excellent service for a very reasonable cost.  I particularly value the fact that the auditors I have used are highly experienced and very up to date with their knowledge about Ofsted requirements which is of great benefit in terms of inspection preparation and benchmarking ourselves against other authorities and Ofsted gradings.  I have been completely happy with the thresholds and consistency of the auditors and they have also engaged well with staff, not always easy from the position of an external auditor.

Head of Safeguarding and Quality Assurance, London Borough 

August 2016