Privatisation of Social Services: Aidhour leads the way…

I was listening to a Head of Service talking to Social Workers about large companies making money out of Children’s Services at a time when local authority budgets are being cut.

Quite rightly, the purpose was to encourage Social Workers to think about the costs of the services they are asking managers to approve. The manager might have added that not all providers are the same.

Some providers are part of larger companies with their fingers in lots of pies, employing people on inflated salaries, answerable to shareholders and taking profits from local taxpayers. Others are lean and focused on helping. Aidhour is a Social Enterprise, with 65 Associates, managed by two Social Work qualified managers who are engaged in direct work.

Aidhour take the hassle away from local authorities using a safer recruitment, monitoring CPD, providing regular liaison with local authority managers and providing transparent reporting. Aidhour is a Social Enterprise. No money is taken out of the company and given to shareholders.

So, Social Workers – there’s a difference if the fostering provider or the children’s home or the IRO or the management consultant is part of a larger multi-national or is a social enterprise. And managers, we know you don’t want to give taxpayers money away to big business. Some Social Enterprises have lower back-office costs than local authorities. So, if you want to provide a good service and save money ethically, get in touch.


Robert Bradshaw