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 Quality Assurance 

Driving The Front Line Of Front Line Management & Practices


Aidhour delivers consistent and reliable evidence about efficiency and effectiveness in both Children’s Social Care and SEND settings to drive improvement. Our handpicked auditors have held senior operational and strategic positions and produce clear and evidence-based reports. We provide coaching, training and support to embed learning and improvement.

Family and Social Worker

“[Aidhour’s] particular strength has been their ability to work alongside Social Workers and Managers, appropriately identifying good practice and development areas, and keeping the practitioners on board as part of this process. This approach has driven and strengthened our service improvement work.

“The quality of [Aidhour’s] work was recognised by Ofsted and highlighted in our extremely positive Inspection report.”

“I have been really impressed. The way [Aidhour] gives feedback is so helpful – I have been in similar situations where the feedback is harsh and damning and has left people in tatters and particularly when you are leading on improvement work it has to be done and progressed in a way that makes people want to contribute not push them back further.”

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