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Aidhour is a social work management and team task force working in partnership with children’s services

We are a Social Enterprise:

  • Run by experienced social work managers
  • Offering a cost-effective network of independent practitioners
  • Our work is quality-assured
  • We can be flexible & supportive
  • We take pride in being genuinely independent & well-informed

Helping Local Authorities to achieve “Outstanding” ratings since 1998

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Services for Family Law

We provide 24/7 professional independent social work services to family law practices in London and across England.

  • Child Contact Supervision
  • Section 7 and 37 Reports
  • Mediation
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Working With

Aidhour Services

  • Inspection Readiness, Quality Assurance, and Case File Audits Programmes
  • Strategic Reviews of Children’s Services
  • Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) Services
  • Child Protection Conference Chairs
  • Independent Regulation 44 visits
  • Independent Social Work Services
  • Contact Supervision, Advocacy and Independent Visitor Services
  • Training support
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Aidhour Associates

Aidhour associate consultants are HCPC-registered, social work management professionals.

  • Highly-Skilled
  • Experienced to senior management level
  • Independent and indemnified
  • Dedicated to the welfare and safeguarding of vulnerable children
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