Aidhour is a national network of ex-directors, senior social work managers, advocates, independent visitors and compliance officers.

Aidhour is a social enterprise, led by directors that are registered social workers and providing a range of safeguarding services to support improved outcomes for vulnerable and looked after children.


Our experience

With a national network of independent, HCPC registered, highly skilled and experienced social work professionals, we have been providing quality social work services since 1998.

Our aims

As one of the first social enterprises, we are passionate about providing responsibly priced social work services to safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable children.

Child Protection & Safeguarding Services From Aidhour

Our services include:


AidHour's Team Of Experienced IROs and Child Protection Professionals

Become an Aidhour Associate:


If you’re looking to undertake social care work that’s rewarding and fulfilling but want greater flexibility, then becoming an Aidhour Associate could be the answer.

  • Be part of an association of like minded professionals
  • Share your experiences with other associates
  • Receive support from our experienced Directors
  • Keep busy with a steady stream of service requests