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 Family Mediation Services 

Focused On Finding The Best Outcome For Families


What Is Family Mediation?

In short, family mediation is the process of assisting two parents that may be going through a divorce and forced to make a series of tough decisions and negotiations with one another about decisions that involve their child or children. Scenarios like finances, agreements on parenting arrangements are common, but keeping the explanation short – family mediation is to ensure the negotiations are successful and the child is tended for in those said negotiations.

Aidhour’s Child & Family Mediation Services

Solicitors and their clients will often prefer to engage the services of a trained mediator to help find solutions to child contact and custody issues arising from divorce and separations. This is where we step in to ease the stress, and illievate as much pressure on an already sensitive part of people’s lives.

Aidhour Associates include mediators who are experienced in working with families in both public and private law proceedings as impartial, third parties. Using advanced conflict resolution techniques, our family mediators work with parents to identify practical and emotional issues that arise through separation. They help families resolve issues through face-to-face discussions in a neutral environment.

Why Choose Us?


Our approach is personal, yet professional, utilising the best of our team's ability to ensure that all members of the mediation are calm, as happy as they can be, and at ease.

By focusing on finding the best outcome for the family, especially the child, our mediators encourage openness and a willingness to negotiate. On reaching an understanding, they work closely with the solicitor to draft long-lasting and formal agreements that benefit everyone.

Solicitors around the country are invited to contact us with their needs. We can provide a choice of profiles from our network of trained child mediation professionals available within the next 24 hours. If you have any additional questions, please just get in touch in the manner mentioned below.

Call 0333 0919821 or message us using the contact form.

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