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 Child Contact Supervision 

Discreet And Highly-Experienced Supervisors


In complicated family situations, the only way that clients may be able to have contact with their children is in a setting supervised by a child protection professional.

Solicitors in family law handling mediation, divorce, adoption, child arrangements and care proceedings rely on fast access to highly-experienced supervisors from backgrounds in mediation, children’s advocacy, CAFCASS and social work.

Aidhour offers a range of discrete professionals who can ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of a child. Our supervised contact service is available seven days a week and outside standard office hours. For court appearances and other settings, we can provide a fast turnaround, responding immediately to requests for next-day arrangements if necessary.

Solicitors around the country are invited to contact us with their needs. We can provide a choice of profiles from our network of trained contact supervisors available within the next 24 hours.

Call 0333 0919821 or message us using the contact form.

The Capital’s top law firms choose Aidhour child contact supervisors to provide an impartial, safe, and child-centred service.

“An excellent team of experienced contact supervisors, who always go the extra mile.”



“We have used Aidhour as a provider of supervised contact for our clients for some years.  We experience them as child-focused professionals who provide a discreet and sensitive service and we regularly recommend them to other colleagues”

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