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 Section 7 & 37 Reports 

Providing Independent Reporting Services


Independent Social Work assessments for court in accordance with The Children Act 1989


Suitably qualified and highly experienced Aidhour associates are available at short notice to provide independent reporting services for legal firms handling divorce and separation proceedings. Parents, family law firms, courts, and local authorities recognise the authority of an independent assessment made by a child-centred practitioner.

Section 7 Reports for Residence and Contact Orders


In divorce and separation, the court may need to decide where a child will live, and where and when they will have contact with a parent. Aidhour independent social workers provide an impartial assessment of the situation, taking into account the child’s wishes and feelings.

Our social workers compile comprehensive reports detailing all the available evidence. The advice given to the court will always be in the best interest of the child.

Section 37 Reports

Where the welfare of a child is a cause for concern, the court can ask for an investigation to be made by an independent social worker.

Section 37 reports detail any evidence of significant harm to help determine if a child should be subject to a care or supervision order.

Aidhour’s associate independent social workers are impartial, sensitive and discrete. They will produce a report based on evidence gained through interviews with parents and professionals and direct work with the child.

Please contact us with your needs,  and we can supply you with a choice of profiles of independent social work professionals available within the next 24 hours.

Call 0333 0919821 or message us using the contact form.

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