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Children at school

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Expert Safeguarding Support for Schools 

Aidhour provides a range of safeguarding support services to schools in collaboration with our Associate, Executive Headteacher and Independent Schools Inspector, Justin Spanswick.

All our services are bespoke and specifically tailored to the needs of your school. We work directly with safeguarding leads and staff teams to ensure their work with young people is effective, safe and structured.

Safeguarding Improvement Examples

Feedback from Schools


  • Policy Development and Implementation - a thorough review of existing policies, procedures and how these are put into practice to ensure these are robust and effective.  In particular that systems support staff to keep children safe.

  • Safeguarding support and advice for Designated Safeguarding Leads.  Frequently children display behaviours that may pose a risk to themselves or to others.  These behaviours often provoke anxiety. Working together with relevant staff we undertake assessments and develop management plans to practically reduce and manage these risks.

  • Review of record-keeping systems to ensure these conform to GDPR, are fit for purpose, evidence-based and capture the child's voice.

  • All our support is bespoke to your needs, and can include additional work such as basing a social worker in school for a day a week, support relating to safeguarding complaints, chairing meetings, telephone support around particular situations, chairing tribunals, workshops on KCSIE updates and particular safeguarding topics, training and mentoring

  • Our customers are giving positive feedback about how our work is

    • Helping staff manage the anxieties and complicated feelings that arise in safeguarding situations.

    • Ensuring proper record-keeping around safeguarding incidents.

    • Supporting with individual cases (including risk assessment and planning)

    • Building relationships with family support services and facilitating the involvement of Children's Social Care.

    • Creating effective Safeguarding systems within the school setting to robustly manage risk and reduce teachers' anxiety

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