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 Child Protection Conferences 

High-Status Independents With Excellent Caring Skills


What Is A Child Protection Conference?


A conference is held to exchange information between the family and all the professionals involved with their children.   The conference draws up a plan describing how to keep the children safe.

At Aidhour:

  • Our associates are trained in the ‘Signs of Safety Model’ and produce high-quality, child-focused plans with measurable outcomes and support the participation of children in the process.

  • Associates are available to chair CP conferences either as part of a team or where an independent chair is required for a particular conference

  • we can provide a standby service to manage demands in flow, sickness absence, and short and long term vacancies

What We Deliver


At Aidhour, we dedicate ourselves to delivering a professional and exceptional service to those individuals and organisations that require them. We have a long history of working with people in need, and with that, our team has become highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of high-pressure, and delicate situations. Our Child protection conferences are a good pick for you moving forwards, and so, if you have any questions regarding our service, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us for guidance as to what best suits your situation/scenario.

To find out more about our Child Protection Conference services, contact us for a discussion about your needs.

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