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 Age Assessments 

  Aidhour Is Delighted To Introduce Our New Age Assessment Service  


Aidhour provides a complete Independent Age Assessment Service.

  • Timely reports

  • Trained and experienced Age Assessors

  • Merton compliant age assessments

  • Assessments which are robust and evidence-based

  • We undertake full Age Assessments – where we provide both Social Workers and an independent Advocate in the Appropriate Adult role.  However, in order to gather intelligence, assessments often work best when we take the Lead Assessor role and work with a second local authority age assessor who has access to the Local Authority Children’s Services Information system, so information to support the assessment can be more easily sourced.

  • We can also provide highly experienced and independent Advocates who are very familiar with the Appropriate Adult Role.

We are aware some authorities have substantial backlogs so we have recently invested in some top-level training for our ISWs in order to support local authorities in undertaking high-quality inquiries and Merton compliant age assessments.

Depending on the situation, we can provide one or two social workers.  We also have advocates experienced in the Appropriate Adult role.

If we can help you, please contact us


"The ability to subcontract the completion of [Age Assessments] to you has meant that social workers are free to do other work with young people on their caseloads. It has meant that young people do not spend a lot of time waiting for outcomes of age assessments.  The waiting period is often associated with young people presenting with a low and depressive mood.  In short, your support has delivered a win-win for the department and young people in particular."


(JM, Team Leader, Leaving Care and UASC, Achieving for Children)

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