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 Child Advocacy 

Safe, Child-Centred Support


Aidhour –  Child Advocates


Aidhour has a proven track record in providing successful and effective advocacy services for children, ensuring children’s views are listened to, heard, acted upon and independently represented.


We provide secure, professional services for children looked after, children making complaints, children subject to child protection processes, public and private law proceedings and unaccompanied minors requiring age assessment. If you are a local authority or a legal firm that requires support, then we believe that we can help. 

Aidhour advocates are well-qualified professionals who use direct work to help children express their wishes and feelings.  Aidhour Advocates have experience of working with children to help them formulate reasonable requests which professionals can respond to and to understand the reasons why it may not be possible to achieve everything they want.  Aidhour Advocates are always focused on listening to children and to working achieve the best response to their wishes.

We strive to offer the best child advocacy services in the UK, and our continuing promise to aid and care means that not only do you get a professional and helpful service from us, you get a team that tends for all your needs and requirements in a wide range of various settings, situations, and scenarios; after all, it’s in our name to help.

Direct Work with Children


Aidhour also provides skilled associates who work directly with children:

  • Independent visitors – to befriend and support children and young people aged up to 18 who are looked after by the local authority, or who need an opportunity to talk to and spend time with a consistent, appropriate, stable adult role model who will spend time with them and listen to them.

  • Statutory Return home interviews – to undertake an in-depth conversation with a young person who has been missing from care and develop an understanding about the reasons for missing episodes and seek to ensure the young person’s future safety.

What we do differently


There’s a real passion to assist here at Aidhour – so get in touch today, and we can talk you through how we may be able to help you or a loved one. Many companies you pass and find offering similar or the same services are brilliant at the knowing – but a lot of the time, they lack the practical, caring tone that our experienced team brings along with them to every new case or situation. If you feel like you have more questions that we may not have addressed, or any enquiries you wish to voice, then yet again, please feel free to give us a call and one of our team members will be sure to give you the answers you deserve.

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