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 About Aidhour 



About Aidhour

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced managers in children’s social care and our goal is clear – to help with the breadth and depth of work needed to achieve an outstanding rating for our clients. We work in collaborative partnership to improve and maintain performance in statutory Children’s Services in England.

Social Enterprise


Since we were established as one of the first social enterprises in the UK over 20 years ago, we have successfully delivered better outcomes for vulnerable and looked after children. Our moderately-priced bespoke service model focuses on offering the best people for the task,  not taking profits away from the children in need of services. This makes us unique in the field.



Every child deserves the best, but costs must be controlled. We help to keep your overheads to the minimum with our wide geographic network of over 70 consultants: Aidhour associates are independent, home-based former service directors, senior social work managers, advocates, independent visitors and compliance officers. We rely on the latest information technology and agile working practices, not fancy offices and addresses.



All associates must have their own professional indemnity insurance and their work is rigorously quality assured by our senior management team prior to submission to our clients.



With our experience, geographical reach and a flexible approach we help you with all your needs, from long contracts and whole team solutions to one-off assignments, short-term contracts and cover for long or short-term vacancies.



Sharing ethos


Our breadth of experience of working with Local Authority clients’ strategic teams gives us the benefit of insight. We can rapidly benchmark your practices compared to others, share our experiences and cross-fertilise ideas.


Independent and Informed


Your operational teams will have the confidence that comes with working with independent consultants that can provide insight into the latest thinking, research and best practice.


Openly supportive


There are no walls between us and our clients – we are united in working to promote the best outcomes for children, young people and their families.


Feel free to contact us for an informal chat to discuss your requirements further.

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