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 Social Work Services 

Independent, Quality-Assured Case Work


Aidhour supports a national network of approved ISWs who undertake a variety of independent Court Directed Parenting and Risk assessments, including Pre-Birth, SGO, Viability and specialist Parenting Assessment Manual Software (PAMS) assessments for PLO and Court processes.

Our teams of social workers can also support local authorities during periods of staff sickness or vacancies in teams, helping manage assessment backlogs and provide short and long term management support.


All assessments are quality assured by a member of our social work qualified senior management team prior to submission.

Examples Include:

  • Assessment services:

PAMs and ParentAssess assessments
– Domestic Abuse Risk assessments
– Parenting assessments (including SGO, Connected Carers and viability assessments)

- Together and Apart Assessments

-  Form F assessments
– Age assessments for unaccompanied minors (Merton compliant)

  • Independent investigation of social care complaints

  • Support for access to records requests

  • Independent consultancy on “stuck” cases and mentoring for social workers and middle management

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